Comstock Park based financial advisor from VantagePointe Financial serving the Grand Rapids metro area & beyond.

My mission is to help people like you and businesses like yours set and achieve financial goals. Working closely with you and your other advisors I will be able to identify your financial needs and help you implement strategies to reach your goals. Periodic reviews are utilized to update your financial position in response to the dynamics of changing needs and market fluctuations.

Services & Products offered:

  • Business 401(k) 403(b) 457 & 401(a) Plans
  • Business Pension Plans
  • Personal Financial Needs Analysis
  • Retirement Planning Products
  • Estate Conservation Strategies & Products
  • IRA's - (Individual Retirement Arrangement)
  • Roth IRA's - (Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement)
  • SEP IRA's - (Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement)
  • Simple IRA's (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees Individual Retirement Account)
  • Disability Income Insurance
    • Long Term Disability
    • Short Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
    • Term Insurance
    • Permanent Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Investments
    • Mutual Funds
    • Variable Annuities
    • Fixed Annuities
    • Individual Equities/Stocks
    • Individual Bonds
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Market Linked Certificates of Deposit
    • Wrap Investment Programs
    • Separate Accounts
    • Alternative Investments
      • Real Estate Investment Trusts - REIT's
      • Limited Partnerships
      • Business Development Company - BDO's


When I'm not helping you with your finances you can often find me spending time with my family including my wife Jessica, boys Alex & Corey, our twins Isabelle & Asa, or volunteering in the community with organizations such as the GVSU Alumni Association.